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Pre Planning

Supported by our team of expert professionals, our Pre-Planning team provides comprehensive services to support planning applications.  Our approach is positive and proactive, focussing on collaborative working and successful delivery.  We provide creative engineering solutions, accounting for technical, quality and environmental considerations. Services provided include:


Pre-Development Appraisal – A broad overview of potential concept to aide in the land purchase. 


Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) – An assessment of potential flood risks from all sources, in compliance with NPPF standards.  The FRA would assess flood risks to the site from on and off-site receptors, along with suggested mitigation of additional surface water flows produced through the development of the site, to ensure that off-site flood risk is not increased.  


Flood Warning Evacuation Plan (FWEP) – A plan providing information on flood safety and details of emergency planning for sites located in Flood Zones 2 and 3 (also known as a Flood Management Plan).


Flood Mitigation – An investigation in relation to new flood issues associated with existing drainage networks.  Where necessary, an engineered flood mitigation solution can be provided.  


Surface Water Drainage Strategy – Details on how to manage the additional surface water created by the development proposals on-site, in order to mitigate against the potential risk of on or off-site flooding.   


Soakaway Testing – An investigation in accordance with BRE 365 into the porosity of the ground to enable the appropriate selection of SuDS techniques, according to the drainage hierarchy.  


Foul Water Drainage Strategy – A foul water drainage strategy confirms the location for the discharge of foul water from the proposed development, including requirements in relation to capacity/pumping etc.


Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) – A plan setting out the maintenance regime, responsible bodies and asset register for drainage solutions, with the use of SuDS to deliver the four core objectives (water quantity, water quality, amenity and biodiversity). 


Construction Surface Water Management Plan (CSWMP) – A construction phase surface water management plan, including the required maintenance regime and procedures.


Highway Access Design – A review of the site for appropriate access requirements that are compliant to local and national standards.  


Transport Assessment – A Transport Assessment can be tailored to suit the level of development to include junction modelling, accident data review, growth projection and recommended mitigation as necessary.


Travel Plan – Sets out the planned targets and incentives to deliver a sustainable development.  A post-planning co-ordination role can also be provided.


Discharge of Planning Conditions – Provision of the necessary technical information and professional support to discharge planning conditions in relation to flood risk, drainage, transportation and highway designs.